Whether cutting up on the dance floor or playing pinochle with her parents, Victoria Mussalli knows how to have fun. She enjoys life’s simple pleasures and the warmth of a good meal with good company. Being from a big family, she learned how to stand out and speak up for herself, and she uses those skills to amplify the voices of others in her acting work. A graduate from the Terry Knickerbocker Studio, this Meisner trained performer cares about authentically telling stories and sharing experiences of women coming into their own power. A dynamic physical performer, gifted voice actor, and singer, Victoria embodies the zany, heartfelt, and unique realities of the human experience. Always kind. Always open. Always Victoria.

eLearning Sample (K-12)Victoria Mussalli
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Victoria Mussalli

Brooklyn, NY 11238

Tel: 914-374-9818​


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